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BSI Scales Product Selection -- Counting Scales

PC820 PC-820

The PC-820 takes parts counters up to the top level with programmable "soft keys", large memory storage, clear multifunction display, remote base capabilities, bar code scanning, two communication ports and much more. Instructions in the prominent display window lead employees through the use of every function, with easy-to-follow directions and prompts.
PC821 PC-821

The PC-821 is identical to the PC-820 parts counter except the LCD display has no backlight. Five separate “soft keys” allow you to configure the PC-821 to fit your exact needs. There’s no need to clutter up your scale with unwanted functions. As your needs change, the scale can be reconfigured. The PC-821 has both an internal and external battery option to provide complete portability.
PC902 PC-902

An easy-to-operate, no nonsense counting scale that weighs extremely light parts and reduces the time required to count. Operator friendly one-keystroke operation ensures correct use. Three yellow keys draw operator to most used keys: ZERO, TARE and SAMPLE. The SAMPLE key automatically zeroes the scale, prior to weight being applied.
PC905 PC-905

An easy-to-operate, dual scale capable parts counter that reduces the time required to count. The Avery Weigh-Tronix PC-905 digital counting scale has the ability to weigh parts as light as 0.00001 lbs. in less time with accuracy up to 99%. Simple, flexible and easily operated with one keystroke. Automatically switches from internal (local) base to the optional remote base after a sample is performed. Full Keypad to recall known piece weights and tare weights.
GSECounting GSE Parts Counting Scales

Parts counting and inventory management systems designed to provide years of reliable performance in a variety of environments and applications. Intuitive, easy-to-use counting and weighing routines range from one keystroke operation to cycle counting with data acquisition for a complete inventory management solution from small electronic components to expensive machined parts.
PWLU Piece Weight Look-Up Software Program

The Piece Weight Look-Up is a Windows® based program designed to link up to 32 PC-820 counting scales to a single PC. The PWLU provides a part number based, piece weight look-up database (Access 97 format) that allows you to receive and issue parts from the PC-820, while keeping your entire inventory on one shared PC. Add/subtract from inventory on a daily basis with virtually unlimited memory capacity.

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