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BSI Scales Product Selection -- Floor Scales

Decks Deck Scales

The Weigh-Tronix Deck Scale is the industry standard for long life and trouble-free service in high traffic floor scale applications. Its sandwich steel deck and rugged overload stops fortify the scale against the damage and high maintenance costs associated with lesser deck scales. Available in mild steel with high-grade enamel or high grade powder paint finish. Stainless steel construction is also available. Many platform sizes and capacities available.
Portable Portable Floor Scale

The Portable Floor Scale takes the scale to the job rather than the job to the scale. The PFS is a 24" x 18" 1,000 lb capacity deck scale on wheels which has a 46" high mounting platform for a PC-820 counting scale. Standard 12 x 14 platform with pre-drilled holes to mount a battery operated counting scale or an indicator. Includes mounting hardware to hold Weigh-Tronix PC-820 Counting Scale and WI-150 or WI-125 Weight Indicators in place.
LoPro LowPro Floor Scale -- Portable

The LowPro low profile scales have a 3.5° ramp incline and overall deck height of 2" or 3". This makes getting on or off easy even for the smallest fork lift truck or hand trucks. Completely portable, easily move them to where the action is. No need to recalibrate after moving, the accuracy is built in. No pit is required. Just set your scale on a level surface, plug it in, and start weighing.
ProDec ProDec Floor Scale -- Low Profile Platform

The ProDec floor scale was designed as a low profile, economical scale for use in many environments. ProDecs are placed in the most efficient traffic patterns to utilize more than one weighing situation. The fourway ramp positioning speeds up work flow from any direction. The removeable deck plate seals the recessed junction box and lifts off for quick, routine calibration procedures.
FCQH FCQH Stainless Floor Scale -- Hinged Top

The FCQH is a stainless steel floor scale built for intensive use in corrosive environments or where strict sanitation and heavy washdown is required. The Hinge-Top features stainless steel struts to lift the top deck for wash down. A safety latch keeps the deck propped up while cleaning out the understructure. The stainless steel junction box is designed to be wall mounted for extra protection during washdown.
FCQP FCQP Stainless Floor Scale -- Poly Top

The FCQP is everything the FCQH is except that it has a removable polyethylene top plate instead of a hinged top. The lightweight polyethylene deck plate, makes it easy for the top to be lifted by one person during washdown, just lift up and clean out. The polyethylene top deck plate is highly resistant to chemicals, including organic solvents.
FCQS FCQS Stainless Floor Scale -- Solid Top

The FCQS is a solid top version of the FCQH. Every critical component is stainless steel for maximum strength and resilience -- deck, frame members, load cells and junction box. The Weigh-Tronix FCQS Floor Scale is specifically designed for the food and chemical industry.
MaxDec MaxDec Deck Scale -- Very Heavy Duty

The MaxDec is for the rigorous use, intense traffic, and high gross weights of heavy industry. Capacities to 100,000 lb. Legal for Trade. Top side maintenance removable plates at each end of the deck surface provide top side access to Weigh Bars and junction box. Sandwich steel construction 4-1/2" thick deck with ribs on 4" centers and 12" structural channel frame.
Cargo Cargo Scale Floor Scale

Scales originally designed for the air cargo industry, these rugged floor scales are useful in a wide variety of other applications. A 20,000 lb. multi-purpose scale designed for quick and accurate weighing indoors and out. Portability and quick set-up. No custom scale pit. Gently sloping ramps allow easy access to the 4" high scale by lift truck or hand cart.
DrumWeigher Drum Weigher Scale

Whether part of a conveyor system or at work by itself in a busy warehouse, the Drum Weigher is the right tool for handling drum weighing, filling, and general weighing applications. Capable of withstanding a load equal to half of scale capacity on a one-inch square area with no deformation to the platform. The weighing surface is only an inch and a half off the ground, to effortlessly push loads up onto the scale.
Silverline Silverline Stainless Steel Scales

The Avery Weigh-Tronix SilverLine is a family of stainless steel scales and indicators built to withstand the punishment of heavy washdown and harsh chemicals. These products offer unsurpassed reliability in applications that demand nothing less than the highest measure of accuracy, sanitation and corrosion resistance. Includes floor scales, bench scales, weight indicators, checkweighers, conveyor scales and more.

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