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BSI Scales Product Selection -- Motor Truck Scales

Bridgemont BridgeMont XL Motor Truck Scale

The BridgeMont XL is available in both steel and concrete in standard lengths of 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 feet. The XL 75-foot model, which will handle any legal length truck, is a combination of just three modules, four concrete piers, and eight Weigh Bars®. Engineered and tested using Finite Element Analysis, ensured that every component met our critical design parameters.
Bridgeport BridgePort Portable Truck Scale

For mining, road construction, asphalt installations, timber operations, construction, quarries - Anywhere there is an immediate need for a portable truck scale. The self contained modules install on any stable surface, bridge planks, concrete piers or blocks, concrete slab, swamp pad etc. Only four bolts per module, each module prewired with quick-connectors. As little as four hours to a working scale.
Concrete Concrete Deck Motor Truck Scale

The weighing surface of the BridgeMont Concrete Deck is a 5-inch concrete deck supported by BridgeMont’s steel substructure and bottom deck plate. The substructure supports the concrete of the traffic area of the scale. When the scale is in use, the steel assumes all tension loading. The concrete assumes only compression load as it is meant to do. Shear studs in the deck plate bond the concrete to the steel elements providing a composite structure.
PortableTruck Portable Truck Scale

Weigh-Tronix portable scales go anywhere there is an immediate need for on-site truck weighing - mining and timber operations, road construction, asphalt facilities, quarries or construction sites. Avery Weigh-Tronix Portable Truck Scales can be installed in just 2–4 hours on any stable surface. Each section incorporates built-in Weigh Bar® weight sensors, leveling pads and dedicated conduit runs for fast setup and disassembly.
Prefab Prefab Foundation

The Weigh-Tronix Pre-Fab Truck Scale Foundations, in either steel or concrete, remove most of the complexities of truck scale installation. The scale and foundation can arrive on the same truck on the same day to be set into place in just hours. And should the scale need to move, there is no additional expense for building a new foundation. Just pick up the foundation and take it with you.
BMSHD Steel Deck - BMS-HD, Heavy Duty

BridgeMont installs anywhere. Depending on your state regulations, space requirements and environmental conditions, you can use it as a pit type scale, place it on a concrete slab, or simply set it on concrete piers. Each deck section has Weigh Bars already mounted in the deck. The cables are hard wired to the Weigh Bars (No connectors to corrode or fail from dampness). Protective conduit for the wiring and junction boxes are already in place.
BMSSD Steel Deck - BMS-SD, Standard Duty

The BridgeMont BMS-SD is best suited for above-ground applications weighing an average of 75 or less trucks per day of legal highway loads. Under these conditions, the scale is designed to provide 20+ years of service. The BMS-SD is perfect for processing, general manufacturing and agricultural applications. BMS-SD incorporates all the same outstanding design features of the BridgeMont truck scales.
MultiPlatform SteelBridge XT and BridgeMont Multi-Platform

Avery Weigh-Tronix multi-platform scales can use any number and combination of 10', 12', 20' or 24' modules. Modules are color coded with an edge stripe to assist the driver in properly positioning the truck. Each section functions as an independent scale, with an axle positioned on each scale, the system instantly provides axle weights plus a certified gross weight in a single weighment.
SteelbridgeConcrete SteelBridge XT Concrete

The SteelBridge XT is a premium performance scale so durable, so reliable, it's in a class all its own. The Model FCXT concrete deck truck scale arrives at the installation site in pre-assembled sections. Weigh Bars® sensors, junction boxes and cables are factory calibrated. Final assembly is done in the field. Calibration of electronics is completed after the scale decks have been installed, and concrete deck poured.
SteelbridgeSteel SteelBridge XT Steel

The SteelBridge XT is the heaviest truck scale in the business, making it remarkably durable. The Model IMXT steel deck truck scale arrives at the installation site in pre-assembled sections. Weigh Bar® sensors, junction boxes and cables are factory calibrated. Final assembly must be done in the field. Calibration of electronics is completed after the scale decks have been installed. The Model IMXT is a modular design with nominal capacities up to 100 tons.
AVS10 AVS-10 -- Automated Vehicle Scale Controls

Whether you operate a public truck weighing facility or a private business scale, one thing remains the same, your need to provide drivers with around-the-clock scale access, but without paying for around-the-clock staff. AVS-10 can be used as a standalone system for strictly unattended weighing situations, or in a staffed weigh station during off-hours as an added convenience to the drivers you serve, and can operate in a fully automatic mode or be partially controlled by the truck driver. All transaction details are automatically stored in your secure database.
Traxle Traxle

Traxle is a patented measurement system that uses software and innovative sensor polling technology to calculate both individual axle weight and total truck weight on a conventional truck scale. Traxle provides legal for trade total vehicle weights and axle measurements. Uses a single platform comprised of modular sections that share weight sensors. Networking capabilities allow bi-directional data communication between the scale and a central office, home or service center. Traxle can include printers, remote weight displays, stop and go lights and audible signals.
PDOX PDOX Software

The new PDOX System makes use of the Windows Operating System to provide the fastest, easiest to use, and most comprehensive truck scale data management system available on the market today. the PDOX System allows truck scale users to quickly process truck weighing, process inbound/outbound truck transactions, capture essential transaction information and provide powerful reporting capabilities. For single user sites, network sites and unattended operations.
MIPayload MI Payload Software

Scale software designed with the objectives of reducing costs, improving processes and increasing profits for our customers, Avery Weigh-Tronix's Measurement Intelligence (MI) applications have been developed to provide weight-derived information to users throughout a customer’s organization. MI Payload is intended for those companies using the weight of commodities and products carried by vehicles as a key input to their supply chain processes.

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