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BSI Scales Product Selection -- Weigh Bar / Load Cell

BBar Batching Weigh Bars -- Bin, Tank and Hopper Scales

Save steps, time and money by converting your existing bins, tanks or hoppers into accurate, dependable weighing systems with Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bars and instrumentation. Weighing or batching system is all electronic, with no shock-sensitive check rods or delicate moving parts to keep adjusted, maintenance is kept to a minimum. Epoxy paint offers corrosion protection and long life, and stainless steel versions are available for specialized food and chemical applications.
Weighbars Weigh Bar

The Weigh Bar was designed to overcome the shortcomings of the load cell and to provide the user with a rugged, highly reliable and linear load sensing device at reasonable cost. More than thirty years of extensive use in industrial, farm and transportation applications has demonstrated that the Weigh Bar has met these requirements. The Weigh Bar design makes it possible to produce sensors for a wide variety of applications.
LoadCell 220 Tank Mount Load Cells for Bin, Hopper and Tank Scales

Heavy duty, high accuracy compression load cells. Specifically designed for the support silos, of tanks, bins, and hoppers. This makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor process control applications when high accuracy weighing is required. The 220 Tank Mount incorporates lift off protection and allows for thermal expansion of the weighing vessel. NTEP #00-067 Class IIIL 10,000 divisions. All stainless steel construction hermetically sealed load cell.

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