The ZK830 is counting scale of choice for companies that place their profitability and reputation on accuracy

  • Available Capacities: 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb , 70 lb, 100 lb, 175 lb
  • Available Weigh Platform: 6” diameter (1 lb to 10 lb), 9” x 12” or 12” x 14” (25 lb t0 175 lb)
  • Internal resolution to 1,000,000,000, displayed resolution is configurable to environment
  • 1100% overload protection
  • Standard communications include 2) serial ports, Ethernet , mini USB VCP, 3 inputs/3 outputs
  • NTEP approved legal for trade at 10,000 div.
  • Some Options include: dual scale, battery, wi-fi, ball top, numeric keypad, stack light


The ZK830 combines exceptional accuracy, reliability and robustness in a single design. Programed with multiple applications, the ZK830 can maximize operator efficiency in many different industrial environments, from counting and checkweighing to general high resolution weighing tasks.

From micro components to larger items, the ZK830’s high precision Quartzell transducer weighs with an accuracy not seen in other weighing scales in its class.

Miniscule weight changes are detected by the ZK830’s 1 billion internal count resolution. The unique base provides 1100% overload protection, providing high accuracy and repeatability even in extreme working conditions.

A robust, die-cast clamshell base enclosure guarantees the ZK830’s accuracy, providing robust protection for the internally mounted precision Quartzell transducer.

An intelligent spring breakaway mechanism provides shock and side load protection that cushions the internal weighing system from the daily wear and tear of typical industrial weighing environments.

The ZK830 is available with a wide range of capacities from 1 lb up to 175 lb (500g to 80kg) – meeting most application requirements. A high precision scale offering 100,000 divisions (non legal-for-trade) or 10,000 divisions NTEP, OIML and Measurement Canada legal for trade is available.

Precision digital counting scale

As industries move to reduce inventory and work closer to a just in time manufacturing process, component count accuracy becomes more critical to operations.

With its digital Quartzell transducer, the ZK830 can bring full control of stock quantity. Conventional analog loadcells cannot offer the same level of precision as the Quartzell.

The ZK830 has been designed to accurately count small components from a minimum of 10 mg with an accuracy greater than 99.75%. By utilizing its 1 billion internal count resolution, the ZK830 can calculate accurate piece weight down to 10 decimal places.

Created to adapt to most inventory control processes, the ZK830 can count and sample components quickly and accurately in a number of different ways, from simple one key press bulk sampling to a two key press dribble sampling process requiring minimal operator training.

The ZK830 has also been designed to speed up sampling processes, whether used in positive or negative sampling routines. For negative sampling, sample parts can be taken directly from a larger batch already on the scale, making the process less time consuming.

Enhanced functionality

Installing an easy-fit numeric keypad module to the side of the indicator boosts the ZK830’s functionality, giving the operator flexibility to select from up to 40 stored piece weights and tare weights, ideal for harder to count components. Data can be easily recalled through the keypad or by use of a barcode scanner.

This optional keypad allows a second analog or digital remote base to be connected to the system, allowing the operator to weigh a greater range of items.

The base switching option helps to obtain the best possible accuracy, by allowing items to be sampled on a smaller capacity base, while the batch counting takes place on a larger capacity base. Base switching can be selected manually, but for optimum speed, it can also be programed to occur automatically.

Data control

In addition to the capacity for storing up to 40 piece weights internally, the ZK830 can also link with external PC controlled databases, using simple SMA commands to import and export data from other sources.

Count accumulator

Ideal for use when counting large quantities of the same part, to keep a running total.

Check counting

Designed to make repetitive counting faster and more efficient, this function gives an easily visible under, over or accept window to alert the operator when the required number of parts is reached. Ideal for most packing operations.


Fold-able carrying handles allow the scale to be easily moved between different counting tasks. An optional clamp down plate can be used with a battery power pack to mount the ZK830 onto a mobile cart, making item picking in a large warehouse easy and more efficient

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