BSI Scales maintains a large fleet of rental scale equipment on-site and has the sources and resources to provide whatever equipment might be necessary for the application. Scale rental for Inventory, short term rental, long term rental, or rental during repairs are all available. Installation, set-up, instruction and on-site presence can be provided as necessary. Delivery or pick-up as required. Scales are tested and calibration ensured before delivery.

Advantages of BSI Scales Rental Equipment

  • All electronic equipment:   (no mechanical or mechanical conversion) for maximum accuracy
  • Instruction tags attached to each scale:   easy reference for operator
  • BSI Scales commitment:   constant updating of rental equipment to ensure the most accurate equipment possible

Rental Scales Available Include

  • Single Parts Counting Scales:   10 lb to 100 lb capacity
  • High Resolution Parts Counter Scales
  • Dual Parts Counting Systems:   Sample Scale Connected To Bulk Scale
  • Portable Scales:    Deck Scale and Parts Counter on Wheels (image shown at right)
  • Floor Scales:   500 lb to 20,000 lb
  • Bench Scales:   10 lb to 200 lb
  • Over Head Crane Scales:   Capacities up to 50,000 lb
  • Digital Weight Indicators
  • Battery Powered and Mobile Solutions
  • Motor Truck Scale:   Up to 70′ long and 100,000 lb capacity

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