7600 Counting Scale

Short: The 7600 Counting Scale is the perfect balance of ruggedness, accuracy and price

  • Capacities: 2lb, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, 50lb, 100lb, 150lb, 200lb
  • Weigh platform: 8″x8″ (2lb & 10lb), 12″x14″ (all other capacities)
  • Heavy duty cast construction
  • 1 part in 16,000,000 internal resolution for superb counts
  • Bright led display
  • Numeric keypad
  • Count mode features Auto Sample Update, Percent of Error / Accuracy display
  • Options Include: Dual base, remote display, battery for portability


From Simple one-button counting to sophisticated inventory control systems, the 7600 has a long list of features designed to adapt to your changing needs.  Single or dual base, sample to bulk count, percent of error or accuracy, and sample update are some of the configurable options.  The rugged cast construction will ensure both accuracy and longevity.

7600 Counting Scale Features

  • Weight Capacities
    • 2lb x 0.0002lb  – min piece weight: 0.00002lb
    • 5lb x 0.0005lb  – min piece weight: 0.00005lb
    • 10lb x 0-.001lb – min piece weight: 0.0001lb
    • 20lb x 0.002lb  – min piece weight: 0.0002lb
    • 50lb x 0.005lb  – min piece weight: 0.0005lb
    • 100lb x 0.01lb   – min piece weight: 0.001lb
    • 150lb x 0.02lb   – min piece weight: 0.002lb
    • 200lb x 0.02lb  – min piece weight: 0.002lb
  • Heavy duty cast construction
  • Clean, convenient design
  • Bright LED display
  • Full numeric keyboard for entry of Tare Weights, 6 digit I.D., Sample Quantity, and Average Piece Weight
  • Optional battery / AC power for portability
  • Automatic Sample Update
  • Weight display in 2 units of measure plus count
  • Single or Optional Dual Base counting and weighing
  • (4) Pre-set sample sizes plus keyboard entry of any size
  • Count mode features Auto Sample Update, Percent of Error/Accuracy display
  • Display/key entry of piece weight or piece weight per thousand
  • Fast one button counting or 2 step sequence (configurable)
  • Powerful and flexible standard RS-232 data link + optional analog, Ethernet, Relays
  • Optional field installed remote display
  • Warranty: Four year limited

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