B140 General Purpose Counting Scale

Short: The B140 is a great cost effective counting scale with easy to use operation

  • Capacities: 12 lb, 30 lb and 60 lb
  • Weigh platform is 11.5”W x 8.75” L
  • AC operation with internal battery
  • Numeric keypad


  • High Quality and Easy to Operate
  • High Performance– A/D converter resolution 16 million counts
  • Accuracy– ± 3 divisions at full load
  • Large Stainless Steel Top– 292 mm (W) x 222 mm (L) x 13 mm (H) 11.5″ W x 8.75″ L x 0.5″ H
  • Configurable RS-232
  • Configurable Scale ID
  • Capacity– 6 kg x 0.2 g / 12 lb x 0.0005 lb 15 kg x 0.5 g / 30 lb x 0.001 lb *30 kg x 1 g / 60 lb x 0.002 lb
  • *Currency Feature Added (30 kg / 60 lb only)– US Dollars, GB Pounds and Euros with big and small bag selection
  • Power– AC adapter with rechargeable battery at 20 hours battery life between charges
  • Construction– Rugged ABS plastic base, stainless steel weight platter
  • Additional Features– PLU’s, Piece Weight Entry, Upper and Lower Count Limits, Accumulation and Preset Tare



6 kg x 0.2 g (30,000 display resolution) 12 lb x 0.0005 lb (24,000 display resolution)
15 kg x 0.5 g (30,000 display resolution) 30 lb x 0.001 lb (30,000 display resolution)
*30 kg x 1 g (30,000 display resolution) *60 lb x 0.002 lb (30,000 display resolution)

Minimum Piece Weight:

6 kg (0.05 g) 12 lb (0.0001 lb)
15 kg (0.1 g) 30 lb (0.0002 lb)
30 kg (0.2 g) 60 lb (0.0005 lb)

Display: Three six digit 14.2 mm / 0.56″ high seven segment red LED display with three brightness levels

Operating Temperature: -10° C to 40° C / 14° F to 104° F

Power: Internal rechargeable battery giving 20 hours of use between charges. Recharge time approximately 8 hours with 12 volt UK/EU/US power adapter with center positive (included).

Average Working Current: < 300mA

Battery: 6V4A/Hr rechargeable lead-acid battery

Auto off: Selectable between 1 and 30 minutes or off

Platform Material: Stainless steel

Weight Platter: 292 mm (W) x 222 mm (L) x 13 mm (H) 11.5″ W x 8.75″ L x 0.5″ H

Function Keys: On/Off; Clear; Enter; Zero; Tare; Total; kg/lb; Piece Weight; PLU; Print; *Currency; Upper Limit; Lower Limit and 0 – 9 for data entry.

Annunciators: Zero; Tare; AC Mains Connected; Battery Charging; Stable; Big Bag; Small Bag; kg and lb

Scale Dimension: 292 mm (W) x 333 mm (L) x 109 mm (H) 11.5″ W x 13.1″ L x 4.3″ H

Approvals: CE, UL and WEEE directive

Keyboard Functionality: 0-9– Used for keyboard entry of piece weight, sample size, and upper and lower limit settings

Units/*Currency: Units used to switch displayed weights between kg and lb. Currency used to switch between currency type (available in 30 kg/60 lb capacity only).

Zero: Return displayed weight and count to zero for accurate weighing and counting. Zero range capability is 5% of scale capacity

Enter/Pcwt: Enter used to confirm or save entered data from keyboard. Pcwt used for keyboard entry of a known average piece weight

Tare: Used to zero off (up to 100% of capacity) an empty container or weight, not required in the calculation of an average piece weight. Use of tare will reduce the scales maximum weight capacity by value stored

Total: Ability to add the display to an accumulator (Memory +) and only accumulate when there is a percentage of weight change

Clear/Hi/Lo: Clear to erase a keyed in value from the display if an error has been made. Hi/Lo is to set the upper and lower limits.

Upper: Used to set an upper limit quantity for count check feature

Lower: Used to set lower limit quantity for count check feature

On/Off: Used to turn off display for extended battery life or reset the scale to normal weighing mode

Print: Output to RS-232 communications

*Mode: Toggle between counting functions

Packaging Dimension:
38.6 cm (L) x 21 cm (W) x 33.8 cm (H)
15″ L x 18.5″ W x 13.5″ H

Shipping Weight: 4.5 kg / 10 lb

Product Codes:
816965005758: 6 kg / 12 lb capacity
816965005765: 15 kg / 30 lb capacity
816965005772: 30 kg / 60 lb capacity

*30 kg / 60 lb capacity has counting and coin function

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