LP – Low Profile Series

The LP is an extremely rugged low profile floor scale.  With a deck height of 2”, the LP makes loading both easier and much safer.

  • Available Sizes: 48” x 48” to 108” x 84” (custom sizes are also available)
  • Capacities: 5,000 lb to 40,000 lb
  • Available in both mild steel and stainless
  • Working deck height of only 2” off the floor
  • Unique free floating sandwich deck construction makes the LP suitable for pallet jack and lift truck traffic
  • Chain Link Suspension: Allow the scale to rock if hit, and always settle to a neutral position
  • Mechanical over load and side stops virtually eliminate the ability to damage cells
  • NTEP approved


General Information

With a deck height of only 2 inches and a ramp incline of only 3.8 degrees, the Low Profile (LP) Scale provides easy transportability for forklift trucks and hand trucks to load and off-load goods, translating into more productivity, weighing and efficiency for scale operators. Due to its low ground level clearance, the Low Profile Scale does not need to be pit mounted, minimizing installation time and allowing the scale to be transported when needed. The Low Profile Scale is available in capacities from 2000 lb to 40,000 lb.


Low profile design – With a weighing surface that is only an inch and a half off the ground, the LP allows operators to safely and effortlessly push loaded carts up onto the scale.

Rugged deck structure – The honeycombed, sandwich construction deck provides outstanding strength for a low profile scale design.

Tread deck plate – The LP comes standard with tread plate texturing, reducing the risk of accidents on slippery surfaces.

Unmatched durability – Strong, rugged and reliable, the LP is for busy gangways with constant forklift traffic. Its unique chain link design means the weight sensor is always protected, resulting in reliable and accurate readings without the need for constant recalibration.

Chain link suspension – The LP’s self leveling chain link suspension provides a high level of accuracy, making it extremely durable in abrasive conditions. It virtually eliminates all unwanted end and side loads which may damage a conventional load cell.

Robust overload stops – Intelligently designed, the LP comes with highly advanced overload stops to protect and prevent against drops and accidental overloading. No pit needed – Due to its low profile design, the LP does not need to be pit mounted.

Exceptional accuracy – The LP utilizes the revolutionary Weigh Bar® weight sensor, designed to exceed the accuracy levels of a traditional loadcell. The Weigh Bar uses a linear method of weight sensing and is rugged, reliable and highly precise. Weigh Bar protection – The Weigh Bars in the LP are protected against water, dirt and other foreign particles eliminating the need for external mechanical shielding. The Weigh Bar cables entering the box are protected by water-tight hubs.

Serviceability – The LP design provides easy access to the Weigh Bars and junction box for timely and routine maintenance. The removable cover plate grants easy access for calibration and service.

Inherent protection – The junction box is welded into the deck frame providing protection for sensitive components and additional strength to the frame.

Axle loading – The LP has a 50% axle load rating. The LP has a 10,000 lb axle load rating on a 20,000 lb scale and a 20,000 lb rating on a 40,000 lb scale.


Construction: Unique sandwich constructed platform area with tread plate in either carbon or stainless steel material. All cabling routed within the assembly to eliminate potential damage from exposed wires.

Weight sensors: Four Weigh Bars

Weigh Bar output: 2mV/V- 5000 lb; 10,000 lb; 20,000 lb; 40,000 lb

Overload protection: 150%

End loading: 100%

Accuracy: Meets or exceeds NTEP Class III 5000 division accuracy

Temperature: 14 to 104ºF (-10 to 40ºC)

Agencies: NTEP Certificate of Conformance #88-222 Interface cable: 25 ft cable included

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