The MaxDec is designed for the heaviest of applications.  It features 100,000 lb capacity, ½” deck plate, 4 ½” thick deck with ribs on 4” centers, chain link suspension, mechanical overload and side stops.  If you are weighing extremely heavy loads in a harsh environment, the MaxDec is the scale for you.





For many years, the MaxDec has been the preferred choice by end-users looking for a high capacity scale that thrives under a demanding, rigorous, high traffic weighing environment. The MaxDec is constructed on a virtually indestructible platform which utilizes a unique self-leveling chain link design, providing superior rigidity under some of the most challenging weighing situations.


Unique chain link design – The MaxDec’s unique chain link suspension system allows operators to place deck load on the Weigh Bar® while minimizing extraneous side and end loads. This results in improved accuracy and scale performance. The chain links also absorb shock loads rather than transfer them to the Weigh Bar.

Designed for strength – The MaxDec is designed with high strength steel deck plates providing excellent durability. The top deck’s thickness is 4 ½” with ribs of 4″ centers. The deck plates are welded to internal steel channels which lend superior support to the scale.

Built to last – With a welded high strength design, the MaxDec is capable in environments that require around the clock operation. This reduces the amount of downtime, lowers maintenance charges and extends the life of the scale.

Engineered to handle any situation – Designed to operate in environments that require intensive use, the MaxDec is built to withstand the rigorous demands in many industries including food, chemical processing, material handling, steel mills, warehousing, logistics, and waste and recycling.

Side impact protection – The MaxDec includes side and end stop plates which were designed to overcome hard impacts that might damage the Weigh Bar.

Quick and simple to install – The Max Dec’s chain link suspension includes “U” bolt ends with leveling nuts for quick and easy installation.

Exceptional accuracy – The MaxDec is fitted with Weigh Bar weight sensors which are designed to exceed the precision and durability of traditional shear beam load cells. The Weigh Bars are positioned in a concealed and robust mount, providing great reliability. They can be easily removed by removing the roll pins and disconnecting the wires.

Top access for maintenance – The MaxDec includes removable plates at each end of the deck surface, providing top side access to Weigh Bars and junction box for routine maintenance.

Selection of sizes and capacities – The MaxDec is available in five sizes ranging from 60″ x 60″ to 96″ x 72″.

Each size is configured for 100,000 lb capacity and is legal-for-trade (Industrial Applications) at 5000 divisions. Pit mounting – When space becomes a constraint, the MaxDec provides the versatility and flexibility of pit mounting to provide a central location for weighing.

Approvals – The MaxDec is legal-for-trade (Industrial Applications) and designed with Factory Mutual (FM) approved Weigh Bars and junction box. When set up with a GSE Model 350IS or Model 355IS indicator, the complete system is FM approved.

Paint Finish – The hard-wearing blue powder coating gives additional protection to the floor scale when used in indoor or outdoor applications.

Axle loading – The MaxDec has an axle loading rating of 100%.


Capacity: 100,000 x100 lb (50,000 x 50 kg)
Construction: Top deck is ½” carbon steel safety plate. 4 ½” thick deck with ribs on 4″ centers.
Weight sensors: Four Weigh Bars
Weigh Bar output: 2.0 mv/v at 100,000 lb
Overload protection: 200% End loading: 100%
Axle loading: –100% Accuracy: 0.1% of applied load
Resolution: Industrial Applications: 5000 divisions
Non-Industrial Applications: 10,000 divisions
Temperature: 14º to 104ºF (-10º to 40ºC)
Factory Mutual approval has been received on the Weigh Bars and junction box.
Add an Avery Weigh-Tronix GSE 350IS and 355IS Indicator for a complete system with Factory Mutual approval for Class I, II, III: Division 1 & 2 Groups A,B,C,D,E,F,G. Legal-for-trade CC98-185, Class III, 5000 divisions 100,000 lb x 20 lb, 50,000 lb x 10 lb.
Interface cable: 25 ft cable included

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