RoughDeck QC-X

The QC-X base is composed of solid, stainless steel, vertical plates – providing superior protection against liquid, product and microbacterial collection.  The unique design also includes continuous welds and tool-less top plate locks, ensuring that during the wash down process, no contaminants are left behind.  In addition the QC-X base uses IP69K stainless steel load cells and has optional hinge top ramps providing the ultimate in hygienic design

  • Standard Deck Sizes: 4’x4’ or 5’x5’ (custom sizes are available)
  • Capacities: 5,000 lb or 10,000 lb
  • Available in diamond tread or smooth top
  • Remote summing box w/20’ cell cables
  • Hinge top ramps are available


Safeguard Against What Lies Beneath

What can’t be seen can lead to devastating consequences—both for production facilities and consumers. For ultimate microbial resistance in sanitary environments, Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® QC-X washdown floor scale is designed to meet the American Meat Institute’s (AMI) Sanitary Design Principles (SDP) to safeguard against microscopic pathogens and contaminants in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

With food safety measures becoming more stringent, a foodborne illness outbreak is oftentimes sourced back to in-plant contamination. The RoughDeck QC-X is the ideal complement to strict hygiene control and clean in place programs as part of a multi-barrier protection system to prevent contamination and the potential for recalls. When it comes to food processing equipment, what lies beneath the immediate food contact surface not only needs to be cleaned—it needs to be completely removed.

The RoughDeck QC-X base is composed of solid, stainless steel, vertical plates—providing superior protection against liquid, product and microbacterial collection. This unique design also includes continuous welds and tool-less top plate locks, ensuring that during the washdown process, no contaminants are left behind. The rugged design incorporates 304 stainless steel construction and four IP69K load cells with PTFE cable for steam cleaning and washdown environments.

The quick-clean washdown floor scale opens to 75 degrees, the widest in the industry, for optimal cleaning and sanitation. The top plate maintains the rugged strength RoughDeck floor scales are known for while keeping efficiency and safety in mind.

TuffSeal Junction Box Protects Circuitry

The rugged, stainless steel TuffSeal junction box is specifically designed to protect sensitive circuitry. Its unique enclosure design prevents moisture access and a Gore™ breather vent helps equalize the pressure inside the enclosure which can be caused by sudden temperature or environmental changes.

SUREFOOT ™ For Accuracy

SUREFOOT decreases extraneous forces on the load cell, resulting in superior accuracy and repeatability. A stainless steel cup sits on the floor and is bonded by a pliable neoprene cushion to a stainless steel top plate with attached threaded stem, allowing the stem and top plate to move laterally and tilt independently of the bottom stainless steel cup.

Extreme Hygienic Design

  • Meets AMI Sanitary Design Principles
  • Hygienic clean in place (CIP) design
  • Food processing equipment compliant

Extreme Access

Tool-less locks make securing the top plate quick and easy.  The top plate opens 75 degrees, allowing the entire scale interior to be washed and inspected.

Extreme Strength

304 stainless steel construction provides rugged strength in the toughest food, pharmaceutical or hygienic environments.

Extreme Resistance

The scale base is built from solid, stainless steel plates. The absence of tubes or channels means peace of mind when cleaning the scale.

Continuous welds on the solid base plates follow strict sanitary design principles.

IP69K load cells deliver unrivaled environmental protection.

The RoughDeck QC-X is available in standard sizes of 4 x 4 feet and 5 x 5 feet in both 5,000 pound (2,500 kilogram) and 10,000 pound (5,000 kilogram) capacities. Need a custom size made for your operation? Rice Lake can create custom RoughDeck QC-X designs for your application.

Standard Features

  • Rugged washdown design with rigid 304 stainless steel construction includes continuous welds
  • Manual drop-in-place safety bars
  • Four stainless steel, welded-seal IP69K, shear beam load cells
  • 20 ft of SURVIVOR® EL147HE hostile environment cable for connecting junction box to indicator
  • Remote TuffSeal™ JB4SS stainless steel, NEMA Type 4X junction box can be mounted up to 15 ft away
  • ¼ in top plate
  • Four adjustable stainless steel SUREFOOT® support feet
  • Top plate opens 75 degrees
  • Tool-less top plate lock downs
  • Two ½-20NF threaded eyebolt holes for lifting scale into pit frame


  • Pit frames
  • Ramps
  • Stainless steel floor anchor plates • Stainless steel RoughDeck floor stand for indicator


End Load Capacity: 100% full scale at 5,000 lb 80% full scale at 10,000 lb

Warranty: RoughDeck QC-X weldment five years, load cells two years, all other components one year

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