FCQH Series

The FCQH Hinge Top Floor is perfect for applications where the ability to fully clean the scale and area around are a must

  • Deck Sizes: 30” x 30”, 48” x 48”, 60” x 48” and 60” x 60”
  • Capacities: 5,000 lb or 10,000 lb
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Hermetically sealed stainless steel Weigh Bars
  • Stainless steel struts make lifting the deck a breeze
  • Remote Summing box with 25’ cable to each Weigh Bar
  • NTEP and FM approved


General Info

Designed to exceed the most stringent washdown requirements, the FCQH from Avery Weigh-Tronix is the ideal scale for environments where strict sanitation and hygiene is crucial. The deck includes a semi-open access hinge top design which provides easy access for a complete washdown of the scale. Featuring hermetically sealed stainless steel Weigh Bars®, the FCQH provides tough protection against foreign matter including bacteria, food, and other kinds of debris. The scale was designed to perform in some of the most demanding industries including food processing applications.


Rugged design – At the heart of all Avery WeighTronix floor scales is the Weigh Bar weight sensor — synonymous with accuracy and durability in the scale industry. In a recent 20 month study of weight sensor failures, the Weigh Bar was proven to be 15 to 25 times more reliable than competitive load cells.

Tubular design frame – No formed channels or structural angles are in the base frame construction. The tubular design eliminates hidden areas where food and other foreign elements could hide, allowing total cleanup.


Hermetically-sealed stainless steel Weigh Bars – Built for heavy washdown applications, the FCQH comes standard with fully welded hermetically sealed Weigh Bars to keep moisture and dirt out. The Weigh Bar is sealed by welding a stainless steel sleeve over the strain gauges and wiring harness. The added layer of protection prevents any ingress of water, allowing thorough washdown of the Weigh Bars.

Stainless steel struts – The hinge top features stainless steel struts to lift the top deck for wash down. A safety latch keeps the deck propped up while cleaning out the understructure.

Remote stainless steel junction box – The stainless steel junction box is designed to be wall mounted for extra protection during washdown. It includes 25’ of
cable to interface with the indicator. The junction box is temporarily mounted within the frame for maximum shipping protection.

Safety tread deck plate – The scale deck is constructed from 304 stainless steel tread plate to provide a slipresistant surface in wet environments.

Planned maintenance – The unique design features provide easy access to the Weigh Bars and junction box for routine maintenance.

Drive-on ramps – Connect up to 4 ramps for maximum accessibility.

Pit frames – For in pit operations, Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a wide range of bolt together or welded pit frames.


Construction: 3/16″ top plate (5000 lb. models) with welded support channels. 10,000 lb. models have ¼” top plate.
Weight sensors: Four IP 68 rated hermetically sealed stainless steel Weigh Bars. FM approved with GSE 350IS / 355IS weight indicator
Weigh Bar output: 2mV/V.
Overload protection: 150%
End loading: 100%
Accuracy: NTEP at 5000 divisions
Temperature: 14 to 104º F (-10 to 40º C)
Agencies: NTEP (CC# 03-003) Factory Mutual Measurement Canada (AM-5484) Interface cable: 25 ft cable included

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